aggressively eating an entire block of cheese is my new favourite way to deal with stress



at first you think you’re just looking at a gif of george blagden drinking which, yeah, i’m not going to question anyone’s interest in

and then you realise

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“I’d marathon Lord of the Rings with you”

- ancient proverb, displaying an enormous amount of love and tolerance (via middle-earth-and-westeros)

mum go to bed so someone else can use the tv for fuck’s sake


-A bit soon “Happy Birthday”-


-A bit soon “Happy Birthday”-


Die - Meisyo de Meisyu Vol.62 Haiiro no ginka March 2014


(Bolded words are what Die wrote in English)

Looking around, I’m in the sky. I’m heading to Sydney from Narita.

This time, while watching 謝罪の王様 (king of gomennasai) I’ve drunk two bottles of super dry and 3…4… MANY glasses of wine. And the cabin attendant asked me “How about some cheese to go with your wine?”. It’s dangerous to bring so much cheese to me! I’ll eat it all. Even though I’d just had a meal. Did the Cabin attendant know that the majority of my body is made up of cheese?

But this movie is really funny. I laughed a lot. Quite a lot. It’s a good movie to watch while flying … ah … That’s not a compliment is it.

This movie and the alcohol course. Continuing my recent flying habits. GOOD!!

Hey! I told you to look at the camera!

*Photo of Die and a kangaroo looking away*

Since I am here, right?

*Photo of Die holding a koala*

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Some pictures of a sloth on sloth day!

look at this stupid cute bastard with his stupid cute freckles I just wish the stupid fucker would start behaving himself and actually eat for once jesus christ


Game Typography Challenge 


以前選んで頂いた牛革(赤)を使ってギターストラップを制作中。 税込¥25,920となる予定です。

昨日は忙しい中ゆっくり時間を頂けて朝方まで楽しい時間でした。 確認など全て終わりましたので、 ストラップは週明けまでに価格のお知らせをしまして、 4月18日からオーダー開始予定となります。